Safety notice

Safety notice

Although Concealed Carrie products are designed with the utmost care and concern for safety, you are responsible for carrying a firearm safely and cautiously to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.  Concealed Carrie Corp. is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the use, misuse, abuse, or average wear of Concealed Carrie products. Carefully read and follow the safety precautions described therein as follows:

ALWAYS practice safety when carrying any firearm as the primary responsibility for weapon safety and retention lies not with the device but with the individual carrying the device. You are solely responsible for carrying your firearm safely and responsibly.

ALWAYS secure your firearm when placing into your Concealed Carrie product.

DO NOT draw or return the gun to the  holster with your finger on the trigger.

DO NOT use your Concealed Carrie product to carry any firearm that is malfunctioning.

ALWAYS check to ensure that the holster and/or retention strap in your Concealed Carrie  product does not interfere with any safety features, controls, or magazine release devices of the firearm you plan to carry in it.


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