I was given this shirt as a Mother’s Day gift by my mom. I am 5’7” and weigh 150, I got the size large. It fits perfect. My 9MM was a bit snug but I like that because I didn’t want it jarring up-and-down as I ran. I cinched up the middle area as tight as I could and double knotted it. The shirt and gun stayed in place for the most part. The shirt shifted after a couple of miles in but I didn’t even notice. Overall this is a fantastic addition to my already growing Concealed Carrie collection! ~Maggie C.

I received my order today and wanted to let you know I love my purses. I bought the hobo. I don't know if you are familiar with a company called Brahmin Handbags, but I have several of their textured bags. But now that I have a concealed carry license I needed a new purse and your hobo is perfect! It has the same texture as theirs and just the right size!~ Bonnie M.

My red tote arrived today and it is beautiful Looks like a designer handbag and perfect for it's purpose. ~Claire R.

I just got my red tote. It is wonderful. Your customer service is the best. I would like two gun shops in this area to start stocking your bags. One carries another brand that is very gaudy. Thanks. ~Cheryl

I received my brown leather satchel for my birthday, it is a AWESOME BAG...it's the right size, couldn't ask for anything better, worth the wait and the price!!  ~Brenda

I LOVE my Compact Carrie! It holds all of my normal wallet items, and I can just throw it in my tote. Fits my single stack 9mm perfectly with no sign of imprint at all. Thank you Concealed Carrie!  ~Brittany G.

I just purchased the Spice Crossbody Compact handbag for myself.  My carry gun is a Springfield XD subcompact.  I was concerned that the grip of the gun would be too wide for the pocket where the firearm is seated.  I thought it would "bulge".  It fits perfectly, and I have room to get a full grip on the gun.  I am a huge fan of crossbody carry and this bag more than fits the bill.  I really like the fact that when the gun is seated in the holster, the firearm does not protrude into the remaining space where you put the other items you carry in your handbag.  Bravo for a very well made bag! ~Sandy O.

I get more compliments on this bag!  My Macbook Air fits perfectly and I have room to add a notebook, pocketbook, makeup bag & phone.  All the essentials.  I use it daily and has held up to a lot of wear and tear.  I would highly recommend this bag!  ~Katherine N.

When my Brown Leather Satchel arrived I couldn't believe how well made and fashionable it was. It took me weeks to decide to purchase it, went back and forth. No one knows I am carrying my weapon its so easy to put in and take out, with the velcro it stays in place. I carry my purse everywhere I go. My granddaughter gave me a compliment and she is hard to please. I would recommend anyone purchasing this beautiful satchel.  ~Janice W.

My brown leather satchel arrived today.  I was floored!  It’s gorgeous!  My husband gives it a two thumbs up as well.  After being luke warm on carry bags for years now, I’ve finally found the one that makes my heart go flippity flop.  ~Tammy F.

I ordered the Smooth Computer Carry All after seeing it in person at the 2014 NRA annual member meeting.  It blows away any other concealed carry tote that I've ever seen. Great size (so few are really large enough for a normal size laptop) superb quality of materials and excellent organization.  It's my new favorite work bag, completely aside from its concealed carry function. ~Sharla

I just wanted to let you know that we received the brown satchel the day before my wife's birthday! It was great and it even made her cry tears of joy - she was soooo happy because this was the one thing that she really wanted.  Thank you for making sure that it got her on time and you all did a wonderful job on packing it!  We were both greatly pleased!  Thank you again for giving us a great customer experience! ~Nick W.

Just received the satchel!  It's even more awesome than I remembered!  Thanks for getting such beautiful yet functional and high quality items out there!   The packaging for shipping was exceptional, too! ~Leslie W.

I purchased your Smooth Black Leather Tote several months ago and I absolutely LOVE it!  I love being able to carry my weapon with me in such a fashionable way while having lots of pockets and room for all of my other items including my tablet, cell phone, wallet, etc.  I bought the black one because I felt it would be the most practical, but I have my eye on the red one for my next purchase as it is so attractive and eye catching! ~Laurie R.

I have been carrying this bag (Smooth Black Leather Tote) for over a year as my primary bag/tote. It goes to the office, on planes, to restaurants, shopping, everything. I have had many high end bags in my lifetime, but this is the best made bag I have every owned. I have also received more compliments on this bag than any other. It is also great for a concealed carry for a variety of handguns - specifically I use it for my j-frame and Sig or Kimber 45s and have no problems. Thank you for such a stylish lineup of concealed carry products. ~Cyndi L.

My Crocodile Print Leather Tote is the best purse I have ever carried and to also be able to have my .38 right by my side is a huge perk.  It is so stylish yet no one has to know that you are carrying and are completely covered.  If I get caught out alone after dark I feel completely safe and no one is the wiser.  I have gotten multiple compliments on this purse and have been able to steer friends to the right place to buy their purse, Concealed Carrie.  Thanks for a fabulous purse. ~Donna

I just bought my first Concealed Carrie purse, the Black Tote, as a birthday present to myself. I cannot begin to tell you how in love I am with it. It is perfect. I can now find things without my gun being in the way. ~Sherry R.

I received the aged leather satchel for Valentines Day from my husband and it is even better than I imagined. It is a gorgeous bag, very functional. I love it. ~Sheri K.

Love this bag!  Lots of pockets and compartments for a variety of items.  Easily accessible pocket for your concealed gun.  Great pocket for the weapon with lots of Velcro.  Overall, a fabulous bag!  Nobody even knows that it is a concealed carry bag!  :) ~Kathy D.

This bag is very stylish, and very good looking. I usually carry designer handbags. My red tote fits right in with them. Great quality leather used! ~Idaho Mom

Purchased the Red Tote for my wife for our 10th Anniversary, she loves it.  Very well made, good quality leather and construction.  Has brass feet on the base, stands up by itself, quite stiff and no slouching.  Carry pocket well made, good zippers.  Will purchase another product soon.  Great quality, worth the price. ~Valued customer

I was impressed with your beautiful line of purses.  I came with the intention of purchasing the Crocodile Print Hobo Bag and instead purchased the Brown Leather Satchel Purse.  It is wonderful and I am so happy with it. Thanks. ~Sandy A.

After researching the bags online, I knew the Hobo was the one.  I thought "My wife will love this bag" and indeed she did!There is no point in having a weapon if you do not have it when needed.  As a deputy sheriff and certified firearms instructor for the state of Georgia, I encourage the carry of firearms for qualified adults.  Law enforcement can't be with you everywhere you go.  A dependable weapon in properly trained hands may be the difference that gets you and your family safely home.This purse will complete my wife's 50th birthday.  Her companion present-a Glock model 30 will now reside in this beautiful purse!  God bless you and yours for assisting my family and others by crafting this quality product. The next women's self defense class will be shown this purse as a model for safe carry.~ Sgt. Sid Harrison, Firearms Instructor/Range Master, Laurens County Sheriff's Dept., Dublin, GA

The Concealed Carrie red tote is a unique addition to my purse collection. Not only is it gorgeous, but very useful. I have been using only this tote since I received it shipped to my door recently. ~Liz H.

I am so impressed with my black leather tote!  Extremely well made, lots of pockets, beautiful leather and hardware! I use this as a tote, computer bag, travel bag besides the concealed carry feature!  Excellent design!! With this quality and value, they should be designing more than just concealed carry bags!! Waiting for a kelly style bag with a back pocket please!  (Hint, hint!) ~Jan P.

No other concealed purses compare to these products.  I bought the pumpkin tote and the color, size, and quality have met all my expectations.  The quality matches the price.  I also have put different guns in my tote: my Bersa 380, CZ 9mm, and my husband’s 3" Smith and Wesson 7 shot 357 magnum.  Getting to the gun is easy too.  ~Jennifer E.

I love my new red tote! It is a beautiful bag. Hangs well on my shoulder, and  the side zipper allows great hand angle entry to access my gun. Excellent design and style! ~Happy customer in Idaho

The Aged Brown Leather satchel is absolutely gorgeous!!  It is well made with quality materials. When I saw this bag, I knew that it was 'the one' because after much searching it was clear that nothing else compares in style, quality and functionality, all in one package.  ~Jennifer M.

My husband just bought the brown satchel bag for me and it looks fabulous, smells great and everything is perfectly placed for practical use and carry. The strap is too long for me so I will probably have it shortened. Other than that it is fabulous! ~Patricia

My hobo is absolutely stunning and functional!  This is an exceptional quality handbag that conceals my Sig 938 beautifully.   I took it to the range and practiced drawing my pistol from the purse and shooting.  The Velcro kept the weapon totally secure and I was able to make adjustments as needed.  I have already told my husband which handbag I want for my birthday in November.  Thanks for making such a high quality bag!  It is the perfect choice for discriminating women that carry. ~Janet

I love my hobo!  It is casual yet stylish!  I love that it is not too big and not too small.  I get so many compliments on it and of course feel very "safe" whenever I use it!  I highly recommend it! ~J.

I am so very thrilled to have received my croc bag It is absolutely exquisite!!! Cannot wait till my gun gets here to "pack in style!" Love it !! You are numero uno on my list!!! ~Alex

Love my red tote...such a pretty red and very well made! ~Myra W.

Finding your site has brigtened my day!  I've been looking for a concealed carry bags for YEARS, but most of them are so ugly and so poorly constructed that they must have been designed by men.  Even other high end lines are just now getting up to speed on quality and design although they still don't equal Concealed Carrie.  ~Susan D.

I have gotten more compliments on this purse than any Coach I have carried.  I must admit with my Concealed Carrie purse and training from Joe at SharpShooters USA, I felt very comfortable walking down the streets of Savannah this past weekend.  Can't wait to buy the laptop bag. ~Bev

I look forward to carrying my Pumpkin Tote.  I will pass the word about your website to all of my shooter friends.  Your bags are really the best I have seen.  Have a great day! ~Thresa B

I received my Pumpkin leather tote today that I ordered at the NRA convention in Houston. I love it and the cute bag it came in! Thank you! ~Nicole C.

Just received my satchel.  All I can say is WOW!  Better than I had expected, I just love it. ~Peg B.

I just received my Aged Leather Brown Satchel and it is beyond beautiful! Solid construction, lovely details, roomy, stylish; I could go on and on! Worth every penny and worth the wait! Thanks! ~Catherine M.

Hey Leslie, all I can say is “WOW” I love it!! I am very picky about the purse I will carry, and I am so excited to have this. I am at a tactical class today and I have already showed it off. ~Carrie

Just received this bag as an early Christmas gift from my husband and am absolutely over the moon! It is more beautiful than Photographs can show and so very worth the money. I can conceal any one of my weapons with ease and also get to it with ease. Ever since I started carrying, I’ve been waiting for a fashionable handbag and this is it. I am a Bag Harlot so I own just about every purse made… Louis vuitton, coach, kate spade, even stunning bags from Italy. This bag is as good as or better than those bags I own. It is so well-made and fits right in with my fashion queen persona. just today, I had ten people compliment the bag and ask me where I got it. They don’t even know, which is the way it should be. Thanks! I shall return… ~Karla F.

Hi Leslie, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new satchel. I received a compliment the other day while shopping from a sales associate whom I knew from a high-end handbag line. She commented on the quality leather and details found on expensive bags. Looking forward to seeing additional colors and styles to add to my collection!

The most amazing tote !!! Very well made and holds everything that I need without feeling heavy or bulky and the leather is beautiful! Definitely worth the $$. Hopefully my husband will get me the satchel for Christmas! ~Rachel S.

This is a fantastic bag! I have received compliments on it from people I would never have expected to even notice a lady’s handbag. It’s completely comparable to my Coach in quality and fashion design and actually a little less expensive.

Two ladies in the optical shop commented that if I ever got tired of it, they would be glad to receive it. Then, the older gentleman bagging my groceries in Publix commented on how handsome it is.

And, since I live in Gainesville, FL, home to the University of Florida Gators, “Pumpkin”, otherwise known as orange around here, is completely appropriate.

The only downside is that I don’t want to reveal that it’s a conceal. So, when the ladies in the optical shop asked me where I bought it, I just said that I bought it online. However, I’m totally telling the ladies in my chapter of Well Armed Women about it. Do you have some postcards or something I can hand out?

It’s a beautiful handbag. Thank you so much for making something that is beautiful, excellent quality, as well as specifically functional for concealed carry.

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